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Why am I being asked to log in again every time I proceed with checkout?

Please ensure that you have a Commonwealth Launches account, which is different from your account from the main site, Commonwealth PH. We highly recommend making an account as early as possible to avoid inconveniences during the entry period. If you haven’t signed up for this new account, you may click this link to sign up.

If the problem still persists even after making an account and logging in, please contact our Commonwealth Launcher Customer Care.

What is a pre-authorization charge?

A pre-authorization charge is a temporary hold on the customer’s specific card equal to the amount of their respective order and shipping fee.

The hold may appear like the amount has been deducted from your account, but the payment will only be confirmed, authorized, and captured if the customer wins the raffle. For non-winners, the pre-authorization charge will be voided and the amount will reflect back to your account.

What user information is collected when I visit and purchase, and how is it used?

Commonwealth Philippines recognizes and values your data privacy rights.

To learn about how we collect, use, and protect your data when you visit or purchase from Commonwealth Launches, read our full Privacy Policy here.

What can I do with Commonwealth Launches account?

With a Commonwealth Launches account, you can easily join raffles and other limited releases on the Launches website.

Please take note that you cannot use this account to check out products from our webstore, as the Commonwealth Launches and webstore accounts are independent of each other.


Can I register multiple times?

You may only send an entry once to each product available. Multiple entries will be canceled.

How do I pay?

At the moment, you may only submit your entry using a credit card.

Please be reminded that the use of debit cards in Commonwealth Launches will not be accepted. The refund timelines and processes differ from credit card payments, and may be prone to delays. Should you choose to send an entry to any limited release in Commonwealth Launches using a debit card, Commonwealth is not responsible for any delay, issue, and coordination with your card provider.

What are my payment options?

At the moment, you may only submit your entry using a credit card only. Customers should ensure with their credit card provider that the card being used is compatible with Paymongo, our payment providers.

Other payment methods such as mobile wallets (Gcash, PayMaya, etc.) are not accepted at the moment. Please be reminded that the use of debit cards and methods other than credit card in Commonwealth Launches will not be accepted.

To ensure a smooth transaction experience, please use a credit card.

Why can’t I use my debit card to pay?

When a debit card is used to submit an entry, your pre-authorized payment will be automatically deducted from your account by your issuing bank, instead of being on hold temporarily.

Debit cards have a different reversal process versus credit cards, which is prone to inconvenient delays in refunds and order processing, and is subject to your issuing bank’s timeline. Please be reminded that Commonwealth does not receive any payment during the entry period.

By adhering to the credit card payment method, we ensure that the experience of joining raffles and other limited raffles is fair, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

Why was my entry declined?

There are multiple reasons why an entry may be declined.

  • Multiple entries will be cancelled as we only accept one entry for each available product.
  • Our system detected unauthorized alterations or tampering to make an entry.
  • Usage of bots to make an entry or purchase.
  • Our fraud risk system has tagged the order as high risk.
How do I know if my card is compatible with the payment provider?

Your available payment options are listed upon checkout. If, for some reason, your credit card does not push through with the charge, we would recommend contacting your credit card issuer, to verify whether your card is compatible with our payment provider or other money transfer applications.

Since there is a pre-authorization charge, does this mean I’ve secured a pair?

The pre-authorization charge is applicable for all the entries that we have received during the entry period. The pre-authorization charge does not mean that you have automatically won a pair from the raffle. We will notify you of the results of every limited release. Rest assured that the authorization charge will be voided and returned to your account if your entry is not chosen.

Will I receive an OTP from my issuing bank?

A One Time Password (OTP) is subject to your card settings and issuing bank. These are sent independently by your card's issuing bank.

Should there be any questions or concerns regarding your OTP, kindly coordinate with your card’s issuing bank.

Can I cancel or modify my entry?

Once you have checked out, the entry is considered final. You may no longer cancel or modify your entry after sending it, so please be sure of the information that you’ve entered.

Can I change my entry details?

No, you are not allowed to modify your entry details once you have submitted it.


How will I know if I won the raffle?

Winners will be notified via email if your raffle entry has been drawn or if you were successful with the FCFS release.

Will non-winners be notified?

Yes, all non-winners will also be notified through email.

How long will it take for the authorized amount is reflected back in my account?

Depending on your credit card issuer, the earliest reversal occurs after 24 hours. However, other providers take up to 7-14 banking days. The turnaround time depends on your respective banks and not on Commonwealth. Should you wish to request for a follow-up, kindly directly contact your credit card issuer.

Please be reminded that Commonwealth does not receive the payment during the entry period. The credit card charges will not be accepted nor transferred to Commonwealth until a customer wins the raffle. The credit card charges of non-winning entries will be voided and returned to the customer, subject to the reversal procedures of the issuing banks. Commonwealth is not responsible for any delay, issue, and coordination with your card provider.

Should you choose to send an entry to a limited release using a debit card, Commonwealth is not responsible for any delay, issue, and coordination with your card provider.

Can I pick up my order in-store instead?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pick-ups for online orders at the moment.

I’ve won but I changed my mind. Can I return the item?

No, all winning entries are final. No amendments, cancellations, returns or exchanges will be accepted.

Do you have more questions? Contact our team through our Customer Care portal.