Commonwealth Launches is designed to level the playing field for our community – ensuring the right sneakers fall into real hands.

For everyone to have an equal chance at winning the raffles, we adopted an industry-standard microsite to minimise bots and multiple entries – pre-authorised payment systems by Paymongo ensures that your raffle experience is fair, enjoyable, and hassle free.

  1. Create a Commonwealth Launches account.
    This will be separate from any existing account made on the main Commonwealth website. Click here to sign up.

    By signing up to Commonwealth Launches, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

  2. Join a limited release with our updated approach.
    We designed the process to resemble your usual online shopping experience at Commonwealth. During the entry period, you may head over to the product page of the limited release of your choice and check out with your preferred size. This counts as one (1) entry to win a chance to purchase the product. Multiple entries will not be allowed.

    • For raffle releases: Winners are drawn randomly after the period of collection of entries. The entry period is set and you may join a raffle when the specific product states “Raffle Open”

    • For first come, first served (FCFS) releases: Orders are subject to availability of stock and are fulfilled on a first paid, first-served basis. The entry period is from the time that the product is posted on the website until the last stock has been purchased. An entry does not guarantee you have secured a pair. You can send an entry for an FCFS release when it states “Order Now”

    After you send an entry, we will send you an email to verify it. Note that this is only a confirmation email stating that we have received your entry. This is NOT a result of the raffle or the FCFS release, whichever is applicable.

  3. Know the new payment system.
    When you submit an entry to a limited release, a pre-authorized payment will be held by Paymongo to your credit card until the end of the draw. The amount will be equivalent to the price of the product and shipping fee. Held payments during this period will be captured only for winning entries, and released by your card issuer back to your account for non-winning entries. This is to decrease bot activity and give everybody a fair chance to win.

    Please note that debit cards are NOT accepted.

For all limited releases

We will notify you via email by the end of raffle period or the FCFS period to let you know the results.
  • For raffle winners and successful FCFS entries, your payment will be processed immediately and the shipment will be prepared and delivered to your registered address.
  • For unsuccessful entries, your pre-authorised payment will be cancelled. Payment reversal is processed and determined by your credit card issuer. Depending on your issuer, the earliest reversal occurs after 24 hours. However, other providers take up to 7-14 banking days. Please be minded that Commonwealth does not receive the payment during this period. Commonwealth is not responsible for any delay, issue, and coordination with your card provider.

To see the full Raffle Terms and Conditions, click here.